We Are Clarksville Roller Derby


Clarksville's rival roller derby teams, the Red River Sirens and the Clarksvillains, would like to announce that we are coming together; fusing to create one women’s flat track roller derby league. We are Clarksville Roller Derby! We are stronger together!  CRD would like to thank those who have already reached out to us since we have announced this unification. The response has been amazing! It’s an almost unheard of move, to join forces with your competition in an effort to become a more successful and unified team. This bold blending has inspired retired or non-active members to strap their skates back on! This, along with the shared support from fans, sponsors, and surrounding teams, has fueled our fire even more! 

Our once separate leagues will be skating and working together instead of against each other with Head Coach Cole Hearted and Assistant Coach Krazy Kouch at the helm of training. This union allows our teams to pool our collective resources into one pot, which is key for longevity of the sport of roller derby in our little-big town of Clarksville, Tennessee. This also gives Clarksville Roller Derby a stronger, overall skating roster and forces skaters to compete for playing time, which enhances the competition to a level that our current and prospective fans will have to see to believe! We are beyond excited for the future of Clarksville Roller Derby, not only for our league, but for the local community and organizations we can help support, being that we are a non-profit organization! Stay tuned on the Facebook pages for further updates and information. We greatly appreciate the continued, renewed, or brand new support of our city

Our mission is simple…promote roller derby as a sport and to nurture self-confidence in women.  We accomplish this mission by developing teamwork and athletic ability while encouraging individuality within a culture of discipline, sisterhood, and stewardship through the competitive sport of roller derby. 

Simply put…we are a group of men and women from all walks of life that have come together as a team, a sisterhood;  it’s not just about roller derby!  We enjoy giving back to our community through volunteering of time and talent and through donations from our non-profit organization to many local, worthy non-profits in the community.